Tiffany Table Blues

 Embracing colour in your home can be hard.

 How do you even use colour?

 To be honest, I can’t answer that question, but I can encourage you to try colours to see if they work.

 I was initially inspired by this table I saw at another blog online.

Blue Table Decorated Inside


I mainly loved the pattern against the blue. So pretty and chic.

I had a special project coming up that was in need of a show piece, so I figured it was a great chance to do something a little outside of the box.

After some hunting, I found this wonderful table for $10 at a local thrift store. 


 I started by doing the basics: Washing, sanding, priming and painting.

Tiffany Table Before

 I used a wonderful blue paint named Exotic Sea by Valspar. About $7 at Lowe’s.  

Exotic Sea by Valspar


This paint has a primer already worked in, so I technically didn’t need to prime.

 It took about three coats in the end, so priming maybe wasn’t such a bad idea. 

I couldn’t find the kind of wallpaper, wrapping paper or any appliqué for the inside (I looked feverishly but, alas, nothing.) Instead I decided to paint the inside. I used regular matte black in a tin from Painter’s Touch. 

I taped off the outer edges of the inside, and used a foam brush to do the edges first, let it dry, then went over everything with a foam roller. 

I still got a few bleed marks despite using tape, so I sprayed some of the paint into a cup and used a small angled paint brush to get at the touch up spots.

Tiffany Table Touch Up


I deviated from the original concept, but still got something I’m proud of.

 The table definitely delivered and it was a ‘wow’ piece that people were impressed with.

(P.S. I made that lamp! Check out the post here.)

Tiffany Table Collage 

Here’s what I paid for my project:

Table – $10

1 can of spray paint – $7

Left over paint from another project – $0

Total cost: $17



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