Kicking Some (Br)ass

 We all love deals.

We all love good lighting.

So an upcycled lamp done just the way you want is the best of both worlds!

This post is a truncated lamp revamp tutorial. If you’re missing any details, check out my more extensive lamp tutorial.

 The base is a $5 buy from a local store named Find, and I got the shade from the Mennonite Thrift Store for $4.

 Striped Lamp Before

After removing the trim, and the woven type casing from the shade, I covered it with some awesome denim type fabric I had in my fabric bag. (I’ll show you a picture of this ridiculous bag someday. It’s literally a large re-usable shopping bag FULL of fabric.)

Lamp Cover Removal

I wanted to keep the look a little more contemporary, so I didn’t add any trim to the shade.

Apparently brass is in this year, but I personally don’t like the look.

So, I went with a chrome metallic finish instead by using some tried and true Rust-Oleum spray paint.

Metalic Silver Rustoleum

REALLY happy with this! Pat on the back for moi!

Lamp After

Here’s what I paid for my project:

Shade – $4

Base – $5

Paint (1 can) – $6

Fabric – $2 (guesstimate)

Total: $17

~ RQ


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