Dressed to Impress

As a newbie to the big city a few years ago, I had no furniture for my new apartment and no closet in my one room shoe box.

Like moi, my mom’s an avid bargain hunter and found me a two drawer dresser/night stand to help store some of my clothes.

It was originally a dark wood colour, but I painted it white because I was convinced at that time that all things should be white in my apartment (I had heard this makes a small space seem bigger. I was OBSESSED with white furnishings.)Image

After moving in with Mr. RQ a couple of years ago, the dresser resumed its place beside the bed, but it was tired and boring looking….not to mention gum on the top surface (thanks to Mr. RQ for that addition.)

It needed some sprucing, so here’s what I did.


1) Thorough wiped down with micro-fibre cloth and water.

2) Sanded down rough bits with fine 120-grit sandpaper.

3) Started to use regular Painter’s Touch in a tin with a foam brush, but it wasn’t going on evenly. It would have taken at least 3-4 coats if I went that route.

I decided instead to use some left over black gloss spray paint from Painter’s Touch. Much better choice to get even coverage without having to apply more than one coat.

4) The spray paint was a gloss finish, and I didn’t like it…..


….so I took a chance and put the Painter’s Touch matte from the tin over top of it. Turned out fabulous!

5) The hardware was a brassy colour, so I used some silver metallic ‘Artists’ brand cheapy paint I found at the dollar store I had left over from another project. Looks like a nice metal finish actually.


All in all, I’m happy with how it turned out!

P.S.: I made that lamp shade! I’ll show you how you can do something similar in a future post.

~ RQ


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