Dumpster Coffee Table

Living downtown in a metropolitan city, I see strange things being thrown away. At this very moment there’s a children’s car seat, a set of mattresses, a couch and at least 2 washing machines lining the back alley down my street.

A couple of weeks ago someone threw away a coffee table that has seen better days.

Every time I walked my dog, he wanted to sniff the grubby table.

It struck me one day how beautiful it actually was. Clean lines mixed with peak-a-boo charm in the side panels, and sexy curvy legs. This table is a winner I decided.

After begging Mr. RQ for a week to help me sneak it into our condo under the cover of nightfall (I was too embarrassed to pick it up during the day,) I gave up on his help and hauled it into our building in broad daylight…shame be darned!

So, before we venture on…I must say that this project should be title, ‘Tale of rookie mistakes.’

Rookie mistake #1: I forgot to take a good before picture to share with you. Sorry!!!


This picture is after I cleaned it with a cloth and mild soap. Also after I lightly sanded it with fine 120 grit paper, then wiped it down again with a damp cloth.

I realized far too late that I didn’t have enough primer to cover the whole thing.

After a moment’s hesitation, I said, ‘whateva’ and started painting.

Rookie mistake #2: Using Krylon paint. (I should have known better.)

I was trying to use up the odds and ends I had in my paint stash.

I loath Krylon spray paint. It’s drippy, messy, and never goes on evenly. Many furniture salvagers sing Krylon’s praises, but alas…this is what I get every time I use Krylon.


Air bubbles and drips galore! Ugh.

After sanding it yet again to get rid of the air bubble/drips, I moved on to plan B. More paint left over from my paint stash. This time some lovely Painter’s Touch in flat black applied with a small foam roller.

It went on great at first…but here comes Rookie Mistake #3:

I painted in the baking hot sun. Aside from an unnecessary tan, I also baked the heck out of my table top! There was literally steam rising off of the table after every roll of paint. The paint dried immediately, leaving a few roll marks.

I moved the table into some shade, and continued painting.

Two coats later, the final result was actually quite nice, and I didn’t have any trouble finding a home for it in the end. (Mr. RQ won’t let me keep any more of my ‘projects,’ so I’m forced to ‘find homes’ for them. I’m still sour about it 😛 )


That piece of garbage never looked so good!

~ RQ


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