In the beginning….

She turned her can'ts into cans and her dreams into plans

Where would any of us be without adventure?

Actually, what does the word ‘adventure’ really mean?

To me, adventure is setting out on a Saturday morning to scour garage sales.

It’s store hopping to every thrift shop in the city, looking for items that have long since been forgotten.

It’s taking something so battered and unloved, and seeing it for what it once was, what it is, but, more importantly, what it can be.

The thrill of a good deal was passed down to me by my timelessly beautiful and wise mother. Her sage lessons of using old things in new ways subconsciously stuck with me through the years, and now those lessons are manifesting in a way I would have never thought of.

This blog is a chronicle of making old things new again, and completely redecorting our lovely downtown condo.

Hopefully it can draw a parallel to human life. Nothing is ever too old, or too unloved to be transformed. There is value in everything, in every moment, always.

~ RQ


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